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bullet Northern New Jersey Square Dancers Association. At their site you can find a list of their member square dance clubs in Northern New Jersey, New York City and some suburbs.

bullet Federation of Delaware Valley Square and Round Dancers. This site lists opportunities for dancing in the Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania area.

bullet Buy Square Dance Music On-line - This page provides links to most web sites where you can buy square dance music on line. Usually you can listen to a little of the music. Most files are MP3 files and are delivered immediately. Payment is usually by PayPal.

bullet - - A site where you can buy square and round dance music, books, amplification equipment and more. Beginning in December 2015 they only sell .MP3 format music.

bullet Square Dance History YouTube Channel - This channel showcases videos of historic square dances. The ones shot at the "Dare To Be Square" dance in November 2011, at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC provide great examples of traditional square dances that can be used at square dance partys. The callers are experts, the tunes used are usually specified, and in some cases the teaching of the dance has been videoed as well as the dance itself. The quality is very good with multiple cameras used in some cases. It is easy for a caller to learn a dance they have never done or one they have only read about in a book.

asterisk image Find old record information This advanced search page at the University of New Hampshire allows you to search for information about recorded square dance tunes, and callers, or record companies. If you put the tune's title in the "track" box it will show all the records in their collection featuring that tune. Put in the "Artist" and you will see all the records in their collection by that artist. Since their collection is extensive you get a good selection.

asterisk image You 2 Can Dance A web site started in 2010 by the Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square-Dance (ARTS) promoting Square, Round and Contra dancing. Helps people find dances and callers, cuers, and prompters in their area of the US.

asterisk image A web site which lists a large number of square, round, contra, and other dances around the world. Put in a date, find a dance.

asterisk image Square Dance ABC The web site you go to if you are calling an ABC (beginner) square dance. There are the call lists, but best of all choreography using the call lists.

asterisk image Perry's Place is a store in Kentucky which has many of the out-of-print records both square dance and round dance. They buy collections of records on Ebay and also sell bunches of records on Ebay. If you call (859-553-2495) or email them, however, they can search out records you need. Used records are $3.00, new records $6.50, new Royal's are $7.00, plus shipping as of January 2015. Their email is .

bullet United States Callers Associations - This is a page listing United States callers associations by state with their web sites where applicable. There is also a short list of umbrella callers organizations.

bullet - The site of the international Association of Square Dance Callers which holds (among other things) the widely accepted lists of calls that are in the Mainstream, Plus, A-1, A-2, C-1, C-2 and C-3A square dance programs.

bullet Jim Penrod's Plus Program teaching tips for callers .

bullet - Vic and Debbie Ceder's Square Dance Resource Net. This site has many valuable pages including lists of singing and patter calls, which callers and record companies recorded them, and cue sheets to replace those that have been lost.

bullet - The web site of the American Callers Association which contains, among other things, the list of calls in their "1"floor program.

bullet - The web site of Square Dance Foundation of New England, Inc. There is lots of interesting information on the site but in their "library" section there are a series of interviews Bob Brundage had with many famous callers which are quite interesting and provide a first hand look at the history of modern square dancing. The interviews may be heard in streaming audio or read in transcript form or both. Also there is a link to a page Jim Mayo and Clark Baker have created where you can listen to several famous callers actually calling patter and performing a singing call. These recordings were taken from tapes recorded in the 50s and 60s.

bullet Lloyd Shaw Foundation - This site has a catalogue of Foundation music which contains contra dances, square dances, and folk dances. Kits for school can be ordered, individual records can be ordered and custom CDs containing multiple tunes you request can be ordered for $20. Also by clicking on the tunes you can see the cue sheets for most of the music.

bullet The Square Dance History Project - This site, in a museum multimedia format, offers a detailed discussion of the development of the square dance. There are videos (modern and historic), audios, and pointers to historic square dance publications.

bullet Kentucky Dance Fouondation - The Kentucky Dance Foundation no longer seems to have a web site and this link points to a 2009 copy of the website kept on the Wayback Machine. The foundation is the home of Michael and Mary Herman's Folk Dancer records of which there are 28,400 different tunes. Many of these appear on the 63 CDs in their catalog (of which this is a 2009 copy) and many are on sale individually when available. In some cases music not already on CD but in their archive can be made available on special CDs. If you want folk dance music or music for traditional square dances this is the site to visit. You may still be able to reach the Foundation at 6290 Olin Road, Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108 or by email at

bullet - Dancing For Busy People, (authors Calvin Campbell - Ken Kernen - Bob Howell) This is the web site of the Country Dance Program. Site has lots of material for squares and other dances using the 25 basic calls of the Country Dance Program.

bullet - The Square Dance Council of New Jersey. This council coordinates square dance activities at the NJ state level, with member groups representing the square and round dancers in different areas of NJ and PA.

bullet - United Square Dancers of America, the "only national dancer's association organized by dancers for dancers and operated by dancers".

bullet - US Handicapable Square Dance Association. Listing of callers who have interest in working with the handicapable, listing of handicapable square dance clubs and information about the handicapable square dance convention.

bullet - Square Dance Radio Network -- listen on the internet to interviews with callers and others!

bullet - Roger Ward's site for round dance cue sheets.

bullet - The KickIt line dance site. Contains line dance step sheets to a large number of line dances as well as surveys of popular line dances.

bullet Hear-2-Dance - This web site describes the components of a relatively inexpensive, off the shelf, system to help hearing impaired dancers hear callers and music at square dances. There is a video of the system in use.

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